NPI engineer

Scope of Responsibilities
1. Responsible for the early DFM review of the product, output the review report;
2. The trial production of new products in the EV, DV, and PV phase;
3. Responsible for preparation preparation for new products, technical guidance and execution in trial production; 4. The technical data production and standard docking at the trial production stage;
5. Responsible for the output, application, approval, acceptance of the list of governance tools for output products;
6. Summarize the reporting, reports, maintenance reports, etc. submitted by the departments submitted during the trial production stage;
7. The guidance of the first batch of new products, tracking and improvement.
1. College degree or above, 3 years or above work experience;
2. With the ability of adverse product analysis, have good interpretation capabilities for the function of the product;
3. Familiar with the production process and process of electronic products, familiar with SMT, assembly process requirements and industry rules;
4. There are drones and robot production experience and engineering related experience; 5. Proficient in common office software; 6, have strong communication skills and coordination ability, good dedication.
Personal introduction