Yundai engineer

Scope of Responsibilities
1. Responsible for the design and commissioning of the company's gimbal control software, the design and debugging of the attitude fusion algorithm of Yundai products;
2. Responsible for the selection, design and research and development of the overall software and hardware scheme of the drone for the drone, and participate in the design and development of the gimbal structure;
3. Responsible for completing the design of the hardware circuit and the debugging of the hardware circuit, which can independently complete the gimbal regulation and adjustment work;
4. Responsible for the research and development of innovative technologies related to Yundai and the implementation of the product, technical difficulties, experience accumulation and precipitation.
1. Bachelor degree or above, have the experience of the development of drone gimbal products, and have good gimbal debugging and development capabilities;
2. Have the ability to design the software and hardware of Yundai, familiar with the design of the Yuntai circuit design and motor control algorithm;
3. Principles of automatic control, attitude fusion algorithm, modern control theory;
4.熟练使用C语言、底层软件设计和嵌入式编程、测试和系统调试技术,有一种或者多种MCU/DSP的开发经验,熟练使用常用外设接口和通讯协议:如CAN、I2C、UART、 Spi, etc.;
5. Familiar with the design of software and hardware architecture, software engineering and other related knowledge, understand the principle of circuit, and be familiar with the basic hardware debugging tools; 6. For the relevant knowledge of four yuan, there is sufficient understanding of the principle of control in Yundai, and has sufficient understanding and practical experience in the application of sensors (inertia measurement, angle sensor, etc.) for the application of Yundai applications;
7. Those with filters such as EKF for actual project experience are preferred, and the brush -free motor drive design has the priority of design and development experience;
Personal introduction