Motor Control Algorithm Engineer

Scope of Responsibilities
1. Responsible for the development of permanent magnet and brushless motor control software, including model simulation, algorithm design, function design, software coding and debugging;
2. Participate in the overall scheme design of the gimbal motor controller, including the circuit principle and device selection of hardware design, parameter requirements of motor design, and simulation design of angle sensor scheme;
3. Assist the test engineer to formulate the test plan and test documentation, and complete the test work;
4. Analyze and solve the feedback problems of new products in the stages of R&D, testing, production and after-sales;
5. Responsible for the maintenance of existing products and the pre-research of new technologies.
1. Bachelor degree or above, major in electrical machinery and electrical appliances, electrical engineering, automation, etc.;
2. Undergraduate 1 year experience in motor driver software development, the working period of master degree can be relaxed;
3. Proficient in the control principle of permanent magnet synchronous motor or brushless motor, familiar with algorithms such as Sensorless, FOC, SVPWM, etc., can independently develop and debug motor control algorithms;
4. Rich experience in MCU software development, proficient in numerical calculation software modeling and simulation methods;
5. Familiar with drive test requirements and methods;
6. Understand the selection and application of commonly used chips, understand the schematic diagram and PCB design;
7. Experience in high-power driver development is preferred;
8. Familiar with common code management software and have good code writing habits;
9. Strong logical analysis ability and independent problem-solving ability;
10. Have strong logical analysis ability and independent problem-solving ability, good interpersonal communication ability and teamwork spirit; can withstand certain work pressure.
Personal introduction