General Ledger Accounting

Scope of Responsibilities
1. According to the production process, accurately calculate product costs, review relevant documents, accurately collect material costs, reasonably allocate various period costs, compile various monthly cost accounting and analysis reports, and make rationalization suggestions for analysis results and follow-up rectification tracking , continuously optimize the cost management process;
2. Assist in solving problems in production cost and inventory management, improve inventory turnover rate, and communicate actively and effectively with various departments;
3. Combine business development and accounting requirements to promote the systematization of cost management and accounting management information;
4. Organize the inventory of raw materials, semi-finished products, finished products, fixed assets, etc., check inventory circulation documents, and find problems and solve them in a timely manner;
5. Participate in the verification of the ex-factory price and sales base price of products;
6. Track and test the accuracy of various ERP system report data;
7. Do a good job in the sorting, filing and updating of relevant cost data;
8. Evaluate and guide cost improvement proposals, and participate in various financial calculations, cost analysis, and sensitivity analysis in business activities.
1. Must have been engaged in cost accounting for manufacturing-related enterprises for at least 3 years;
2. Those with rich practical experience in advanced manufacturing enterprises or cost management positions are preferred;
3. Proficient in cost accounting, proficient in accounting accounting and processes, and have strong cost accounting and cost analysis capabilities;
4. Those with intermediate titles are preferred;
5. Have a strong sense of responsibility and mission, excellent communication and coordination skills;
6. Serious, meticulous and responsible work, with good professional ethics and communication and coordination skills;
7. Be proficient in operating office software and financial software.
Personal introduction