sales specialist

Scope of Responsibilities
1. Analyze customer needs, coordinate and organize personnel to discuss needs, and write plans.
2. In the bidding work, do a good job in the collection of bidding information, and for the selected bidding projects, carry out the preparation of bidding documents and bids, and comprehensively handle various affairs of industry sales.
3. According to the DJI industry sales target, complete the industry sales target.
4. Familiar with DJI products and its own products, actively follow up with customers according to customer needs, realize orders, and be responsible for tracking the progress of payment collection from customers who have completed orders.
5. Responsible for the purchase of incoming goods for which contracts have been signed or contracts are being signed, and ensure that the delivery tasks are completed in a timely manner and within the specified time.
6. Make orders in the sales system, purchase storage, and sell out of storage, etc.
7. Understand the development progress of the industry in time, estimate the development trend of the industry, and adjust the sales strategy in time.
8. Assist channel dealers in making quotations and product explanations, and promote the signing of channel customer contracts. Track the shipment of the project equipment, control the smooth delivery of the equipment, and ensure the smooth delivery of the equipment;
1. College degree or above, experience in bidding is preferred;
2. Familiar with drone technology, experience in related drone industry is preferred;
3. Sales experience in government enterprises and institutions such as electric power, environmental protection, emergency response, public security, etc. is preferred;
3. Possess a strong sense of responsibility, initiative, sharp thinking, and teamwork awareness.
Personal introduction