Electronics Test Engineer

Scope of Responsibilities
1. Independently formulate relevant test strategies, test plans and plans, execute the whole process of test activities, and output product test reports and summary reports.
2. Design test cases according to product testing requirements, find functional defects in products, and meet quality and product requirements.
3. Actively communicate effectively with products and R&D teams during the project process, solve module software and hardware problems and improve products.
4. Analyze and verify the product problems reported after after-sales, cooperate with other teams, formulate relevant improvement measures, and output defect analysis reports.
1. College degree or above, major in machinery and electronics;
2. Be proficient in using common test tools, be proficient in using multimeter, oscilloscope and other test equipment, and understand the defect management process;
3. Good communication skills, strong logical thinking and demand understanding skills;
4. Experience in the drone industry is preferred.
Personal introduction