quality inspector

Scope of Responsibilities
1. Organize and implement the completion of various quality objectives (product quality, production process, department process, etc.), and implement the quality policy;
2. Familiar with ISO 9001 quality management system, familiar with factory 5S management process;
3. Analyze and follow up on product quality and after-sales problems;
4. Responsible for the writing of SOP documents for finalized products, and responsible for organizing and implementing relevant knowledge training;
5. Product quality inspection, product quality data summary and reporting.
1. College degree or above, majors in quality management, electronics, mechanical and electrical related majors are preferred;
2. 1 year or more experience in quality inspection, and experience in quality inspection of electronic products or drones and robots is preferred;
3. Have a certain knowledge and understanding of the seven QC techniques;
4. Possess a strong sense of work responsibility, sharp and flexible thinking, and can quickly and effectively carry out the work tasks arranged by the superior.
Personal introduction