Audio Video Codec Engineer

Scope of Responsibilities
1. Responsible for the algorithm implementation and application support of video encoding and decoding in the product, and can optimize the software and hardware characteristics of the product platform;
2. Responsible for the continuous improvement of the level of video encoding and decoding algorithms, providing underlying support for image quality improvement, bandwidth reduction, and cost control, and tracking technology development trends in related fields.
1. Bachelor degree or above, major in graphics and image algorithm;
2. Familiar with/proficient in H.264.H.265 and other video encoding and decoding standards, understand encoding and decoding principles, and be familiar with encoding and decoding algorithm optimization methods;
3. At least 1 year or more of actual R&D experience in product development of a certain standard in H264/H265, such as algorithm design, implementation, and optimization of video encoders, or implementation, optimization, and product maintenance and debugging of video decoders;
4. Familiar with/proficient in open source libraries such as x265.x264.ffmpeg;
5. Have solid programming skills, experience in software optimization, and be proficient in C/C++.
Personal introduction