Thermal Simulation Engineer

Scope of Responsibilities
1. Responsible for heat transfer simulation and design of electronic products, and participate in product development;
2. Independently carry out heat dissipation, heat conduction and heat insulation design of electronic equipment;
3. Propose feasible solutions for the heat dissipation, heat insulation and other problems existing in the product;
4. Responsible for thermal design process construction, reasonable embedded R&D process;
5. Responsible for the construction of the department's thermal design simulation capability, the construction of the department's thermal simulation database, and the improvement of thermal simulation accuracy.
1. Bachelor degree or above, 1 years or above work experience, proficient in numerical simulation of thermal engineering;
2. Familiar with 3D design simulation process and methods, master heat transfer theory, and be proficient in at least one simulation software and 3D design software;
3. Numerical simulation of flow heat transfer and multiphase flow is available;
4. Experience in ultra-high temperature materials and ultra-high temperature air thermal fluid solutions is preferred;
5. Experience in cooling system design, experience in multiple scenarios such as air cooling and liquid cooling is preferred.
Personal introduction