Warehouse keeper

Scope of Responsibilities
1. Do a good job in the acceptance, bookkeeping and distribution of materials in and out of the warehouse as required, and do a good job in the transmission and storage of relevant documents 2. Check the materials in the warehouse every month to ensure that the accounts are consistent with the facts 3. According to the production demand, make good preparation for material receipt and delivery, master the inventory status, ensure the supply of production materials and give full play to the turnover efficiency 4. Do a good job in the safety management and 6S management of the warehouse 5. Other work assigned by the superior.
1. Technical secondary school or high school degree or above, more than 2 years of warehouse management experience 2. Familiar with Kingdee K3 system and other ERP systems, material coding is preferred 3. Have a certain ability of communication and coordination and execution.
Personal introduction