Motion Control Algorithm Engineer

Scope of Responsibilities
1. Motion control algorithm, trajectory planning, motion equation solving 2. Be familiar with motion control 3. Embedded software programming and debugging 4. Use C language, Keil and other programming tools 5. PID (or ADRC) control parameter debugging 6. Prepare relevant technical documents.
1. Bachelor degree or above, more than 2 years working experience 2. Major in automation or control engineering 3. More than 1 year of simulation experience and physical verification experience related to motion control 4. Experience in robot motion control such as UAV is preferred 5. Familiar with common control system models in control engineering technology, PID, model prediction, fuzzy control, etc 6. Master the modeling of MATLAB / Simulink control system and data processing and analysis 7. Be able to accept new knowledge, have the ability of rapid learning, and require the ability of independent analysis and thinking.
Personal introduction