Overseas Regional Manager

Scope of Responsibilities
1. Responsible for the company's UAV-related products (UAV digital broadcasting, UAV load equipment) to expand global customers;
2. Responsible for collecting and sorting out market and customer information, and developing customer resources;
3. Assist the company to complete the translation of overseas materials and documents;
4. Responsible for the sales work of overseas markets, and implement the completion of the sales plan, and complete the sales process from order to payment;
5. According to the sales situation of overseas markets, regularly provide and update relevant regional market analysis and marketing strategy reports (including regional market demand products, sales prices, competitors, sales channels, marketing progress, project revenue, etc.);
6. Other tasks assigned by superiors.
1. Bachelor degree or above, foreign trade and related majors are preferred; university English level 6 (inclusive) or above, and can be used as a working language;
2. Experience in foreign trade, or experience in the UAV industry is preferred;
3. Excellent market expansion and organizational coordination ability, good at capturing market opportunities;
4. Strong sense of professionalism and good professional ethics;
5. Cheerful, proactive, diligent, passionate, with the belief in victory, accept win-win values.
Personal introduction