Photographer Assistant

Scope of Responsibilities
1. The work content is to make relevant image films, product publicity films, enterprise publicity films, construction related film and television advertisements, documentaries, etc
2. Make a detailed shooting plan and time arrangement according to the shooting task;
3. Be able to shoot according to the requirements of the director and work closely with the members of the group to complete the shooting task efficiently;
4. Be responsible for the maintenance of relevant photographic equipment and its supporting auxiliary equipment;
5. Be mainly responsible for ground shooting and aerial photography to assist flight operation;
6. Be responsible for copying, sorting, classifying and keeping the data and materials after shooting;
7. Be responsible for the photography records of the company's major activities and sorting out the shooting materials.
8. Need some editing ability
1. College degree or above, major in film and television media, unlimited working experience;
2. Be familiar with all kinds of photographic equipment and be able to operate Dajiang UAV;
3. Good patience and high sense of responsibility, strong self-learning ability, good at communication, able to work under great pressure.
4. Adapt to business trip, can drive with driver's license; With UAV control, aerial photography experience is better;
Please bring your work during the interview
Personal introduction