R&D Assistant

Scope of Responsibilities
1. Undertake the daily transactional assistance work of the chief engineer;
2. Responsible for R&D internal knowledge transfer and internal technical training organization;
3. Track, supervise and coordinate the progress of the company's important R&D projects and supervise the progress of the department;
4. Manage the technical department documents and the R & D department work summary;
5. Responsible for the observation, recording and collation of experiments, and handing over experimental data and other related materials
6. Apply for patents for the technology required for sorting out.
1. Relevant secretarial work experience is preferred; Experience in R & D theory is preferred (excellent interns are accepted);
2. Graduated from Chinese literature, secretary, information and other related majors, with good writing skills;
3. Be down-to-earth, have a sense of confidentiality and have an overall view;
4. Familiar with office software.
Personal introduction