Flight controller algorithm engineer

Scope of Responsibilities
1. Cooperate with large system engineers to complete the flight control hardware architecture and scheme design;
2. Responsible for the integration and debugging of flight control hardware (including main chip, edge computing module, MEMS, GPS, BARO, WIFI, optical flow, MAG, TOF, Lidar and other sensors);
3. Responsible for flight control hardware chip selection and PCBA board design, drawing, outsourcing, trial and production integration testing;
4. Responsible for the preparation of flight control hardware fault diagnosis methods and manuals;
5. Cooperate with power and battery engineers to complete the design and testing of the hardware of the whole machine system, electromagnetic compatibility, etc.;
1. Master degree or above, with more than 3 years of experience in robot-related practical engineering development;
2. Proficient in the principle of UAV flight, master control theory, signal analysis and processing, with UAV development experience is preferred;
3. Proficiency in C/C++, understanding Linux development, using C/C++ language to develop large control projects is preferred;
4. Have a strong love for drones, and be good at digging up the pain points of drone use;
5. Have a certain experience in drones/robots, and engage in related industries is preferred;
6. At least in-depth understanding of one of the following flight control related theoretical knowledge: robust control, adaptive control, etc., state estimation, system identification, flight dynamics, Kalman filtering, complementary filtering, etc.;
7. Familiar with the principle of combined navigation, familiar with the characteristics and applications of consumer sensors such as compass, magnetometer, GPS and so on;
Personal introduction