Android Development Engineer

Scope of Responsibilities
1. Evaluation: participate in android app scheme customization and related function development of the company's project, and formulate development plan
2. Development: complete the design, coding and debugging of Android application according to the requirements
3. Maintenance: be able to quickly analyze and repair problems and continuously optimize projects
4. Collaboration: be able to collaborate with hardware engineers
1. Bachelor degree or above, major in computer related, 2 years or above experience in Android Software Development;
2. Proficient in Java programming language;
3. Familiar with Android application development, the use / principle of common UI framework and development framework, resource adaptation, performance optimization, memory optimization, etc., and have a certain understanding of the differences of Android versions;
4. Familiar with the operating mechanism of Android underlying system, have a certain understanding of framework, and have a deep understanding of UI layout, customization and drawing;
5. Familiar with concurrent programming, common network protocol (TCP / IP / HTTP) interaction mechanism
6. Familiar with Android Bluetooth development, socket development
7. Can implement complex custom controls.
8. Be able to master the use of open source libraries, and be able to encapsulate these commonly used libraries.
Personal introduction