Android development Engineer (project pre-research direction)

Scope of Responsibilities
1、Responsible for the technical pre-research of the Android side of the company's projects;
2、Participate in project requirements analysis, software-related design, development, debugging, testing, etc.
3. Responsible for technical research and new technology research in the project;
4. responsible for the analysis and summary of software development to promote the improvement of the development process;
5. participate in working with product, design, testing and other teams to ensure goals are met;
6. study and practice new products and new technologies, and write technical specification documents.
1. College degree or above, with more than 2 years of Android software experience; audio experience is preferred;
2. Familiar with the development of Android applications, commonly used UI frameworks, use/principles for development framework, resource adaptation, performance optimization, memory optimization, etc., and have a certain understanding of the differences in various versions of Android;
3. Understand http, sockets, serial communication technology;
4. Understand Android's UI components, network programming, multi -threaded, asynchronous communication, data storage, and other technologies;
5. Familiar with standard specifications such as H.264, H.265, and familiar with the RTPRTSP protocol. It can be customized and optimized based on audio and video open source engineering (FFMPEG, X264, WebRTC, etc.);
6. Familiar with concurrent programming, commonly used network protocol (TCP/IP/HTTP) interactive mechanism;
7. Familiar with Android Bluetooth development, socket development;
8. Being able to master the use of open source libraries and be able to perform secondary packaging on these commonly used libraries.
Personal introduction