Embedded hardware engineer

Scope of Responsibilities
1. Sort out the product design data, archive and assemble the prototype;
2. Small batch trial production follow-up support and product iteration optimization;
3. Be responsible for the hardware product scheme and detailed design of camera product line, complete the selection and schematic diagram of hardware related devices, and assist in the design of PCB layout;
4. Be responsible for BOM preparation, follow up SMT progress, and participate in board level, whole machine test, product reliability test, conversion and production support;
5. Commissioning, optimization, testing and verification of products and new materials
1. At least 5 years experience in electronic circuit design. Be able to design and use one of Allegro / pads independently;
2. Good optical theoretical foundation and basic understanding of camera imaging principle;
3. Be familiar with common video format, signal characteristics and design requirements;
4. Experience in security IPC development is preferred.
Personal introduction