Embedded Software Engineer

Scope of Responsibilities
1. Embedded system camera driver development, with hardware debugging and verification;
2. Embedded product application interface software development, firmware, embedded software coding implementation, debugging, testing;
3. Complete the definition of the external communication interface protocol, and realize the communication control, function modules and joint debugging of the whole machine.
4. Carry out embedded software design, write development documents, complete code implementation, debugging and testing according to the R&D process and specifications;
1. Bachelor degree or above in computer science;
2. Proficient in C/C++ language programming, mastering common commands and shell script development of embedded linux;
3. Familiar with video-related network protocols (rtsp, rtmp, etc.);
4. Master CMOS sensor driver design, experience in driving CMOS debugging and FPGA/MIPI driving experience is preferred;
5. Familiar with IPC design architecture, image algorithm docking, tuning, function delivery, configuration development;
6. Familiar with ffmpeg, gStreamer and other third-party video tools;
7. Experience in NVIDIA Jetson development is preferred;
8. Proficient in using code management tools such as git/repo.
Personal introduction