production assembly

Scope of Responsibilities
1. Responsible for the assembly, wiring and quality inspection of the company's unmanned aerial vehicle load products and equipment;
2. Participate in product process planning and process improvement;
3. Comply with the safety production regulations, do a good job in cleaning the workshop equipment and environment, and produce safely and civilly;
4. Complete other tasks assigned by superior leaders.
1. College degree or above, major in electronics, microelectronics, etc.;
2. Experience in electronic product assembly, drone and robot industry product assembly is preferred.;(Excellent fresh graduates are welcome to join)
3. Experience in soldering, debugging and assembly of electronic products;
4. Proficient in computer operation and proficient in using office software;
5. Understand the relevant knowledge of electronic circuits, and have good communication and coordination skills;
6. Proactive, strong practical ability, strong sense of service.
Personal introduction