Motor Control Engineer

Scope of Responsibilities
1. The development and improvement of the motor vector control algorithm (improving operating efficiency, reducing noise, etc.);
2. The improvement of the overall algorithm of the motor driver (communication, automatic identification of motor parameters, etc.);
3. Development of motor-related test algorithms;
4. Assist in writing relevant embedded programs;
5. Development of motor-related reliability testing, R&D and production test benches, fixtures, etc.;
1. Bachelor degree or above, major in automation, power electronics, etc., good English reading ability, good team communication ability;
2. Have 5 years or more working experience in servo driver development, can independently undertake the development of driver firmware, and those who have done molding products are preferred;
3. Be proficient in motor drag theory, understand the structure and manufacturing process of brushless, servo and asynchronous motors, and be proficient in automatic control theory and PID algorithm;
4. Proficient in current, speed and position three-loop control model, proficient in magnetic field oriented control, current vector control and other control theories and related algorithm processing, familiar with various filtering theories and methods of use, and experience in MATLAB / Simulink algorithm simulation is preferred;
5. Experience in embedded chip development such as DSP/ARM;
6. Those who have experience in automation servo development and are familiar with EtherCAT and canopen bus standards are preferred;
7. Have a deep understanding of the development direction of the servo drive industry, and be familiar with the different application scenarios of the servo drive and its application methods and debugging methods.
Personal introduction