Optical Design Engineer

Scope of Responsibilities
1. Feasibility evaluation of optical performance in new products and new projects, simulation, evaluation and optimization of new products and new designs;
2. According to the design requirements, complete the optical design, communicate with the technical requirements of the supporting structure, and output the design results such as drawings;
3. Guide product trial production, evaluation, and integrate upstream supply resources;
4. Suggest product trial production and testing methods;
5. Guide and improve the optical quality of the company's products;
1. Familiar with geometric optics aberration theory and rich design experience, have a certain understanding of physical optics and material optics.
2. Proficient in optical design software such as zemax and codev.
3. Familiar with opto-mechanical structure design, can use solidwork and autocad drawing software
4. Familiar with optical components processing technology and testing methods, and have experience in precision instrument assembly.
5. Experience in manufacturing precision optical instruments is preferred
6. A master's degree requires more than 3 years of work experience, and a bachelor's degree or above requires more than 5 years of work experience
Personal introduction