PTZ algorithm engineer

Scope of Responsibilities
1. Responsible for the design and implementation of the PTZ controller and control algorithm
2. Responsible for the functional verification of new PTZ products and the design of system control framework
3. Responsible for the calibration and processing of sensor data such as IMU, magnetic coding, and Hall
4. Responsible for the evaluation, verification and optimization of the parameters related to the control accuracy of the gimbal
1. More than 5 years of product development experience in related industries such as drone aerial photography/handheld stabilizer, successful cases are preferred
2. Proficient in C programming, proficient in ARM, MCU system architecture and driver design;
3. Proficient in automatic control principle, modern control theory and inertial navigation technology theory, with a solid quantitative foundation;
4. Familiar with various sensor data fusion and attitude calculation algorithms of the PTZ;
5. Familiar with the use of SIMULINK for control system simulation modeling is preferred;
6. Familiar with brushless DC motor FOC vector control technology is preferred;
Personal introduction