Graphic designer

Scope of Responsibilities
1. Bachelor degree or above in graphic design, quick thinking, novel and clear design ideas;
2. Proficient in the use of various design and office software, proficient in Photoshop, Coreldraw, Illustrator, etc.; 
3. Have more than two years of graphic design work experience, familiar with all kinds of material printing processes and processes;
4. Have a solid foundation in art design, and be able to independently complete the VI design of the enterprise;
  5. Rich practical experience in exhibition and event design;
6. Relevant experience in digital and IT industries is preferred.
1. Responsible for the design and production of the company's related printed materials, such as albums, leaflets, etc.; 
2. Responsible for the visual design of the company's website, WeChat public account, and self-media;
3. Responsible for the design and production of paintings, showcases and other related items in the company's exhibition hall and office area;
4. Responsible for the graphic design of the company's external corporate publicity, exhibitions and activities;
5. Responsible for the design and production of the company's cultural and creative gift boxes, trophies and plaques; 
6. Use your own industry background and knowledge to effectively control costs in design and production.
Personal introduction