After-sales customer service

Scope of Responsibilities
1. Through online customer service channels, accept and solve customer feedback related problems of the company's product technology;
2. Responsible for collecting and summarizing customer feedback needs and technical related issues;
3. Regularly sort out the product problem database and technical information, and improve the knowledge base;
4. Complete other work tasks arranged by the superior.
1. Graduated from aviation, automation, electronics related majors, college degree or above;
2. Have more than one year of UAVs related work experience, familiar with the basic principles of flight control, GPS, inertial navigation and motor control;
3. Experience in UAV maintenance and training is preferred;
4. Love technical support service work, have business expert awareness, consider problems and deal with problems based on user needs;
5. Strong sense of responsibility, good team spirit and innovative spirit, good communication with people, good sense of service;
6. Familiar with office office software operation.
Personal introduction