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Position in demand:
Production assembly/quality/warehouse
research and development
Job title Job category Post time Operation
High current hardware engineer research and development 2022-03-03 View details
EMC Hardware Engineer research and development 2024-02-21 View details
LED Driver Hardware Engineer research and development 2023-12-20 View details
Embedded Software Engineering (Architect) research and development 2023-09-19 View details
Embedded Software Engineer (Motion Control) research and development 2023-02-19 View details
Yundai engineer research and development 2023-02-14 View details
structural engineer research and development 2022-08-05 View details
Embedded Hardware Engineer research and development 2022-06-27 View details
Photography Assistant Media/Design 2024-02-21 View details
Copywriting planning Media/Design 2024-02-21 View details
New media operations Media/Design 2024-02-21 View details
Interaction Designer Media/Design 2023-12-20 View details
Incoming material inspection team leader Production assembly/quality/warehouse 2022-08-08 View details
production assembly Production assembly/quality/warehouse 2022-03-04 View details
Finance Assistant Finance/HR/Administration 2023-12-20 View details
IT Assistant IT/Unions 2024-02-20 View details
IoT Product Manager Purchasing/Sales 2023-12-20 View details
Sales Manager (Forestry) Purchasing/Sales 2023-12-20 View details
Overseas sales manager Purchasing/Sales 2023-02-14 View details
Regional Manager Purchasing/Sales 2022-12-20 View details
sales specialist Purchasing/Sales 2022-08-05 View details