Guangzhou Chengzhi Intelligent Machinery Technology Co., LTD., formerly founded in 2007, transformed in 2016 to focus on agent sales, system integration, independent research, and development of UAV robot and other products.

Company in the northern city of Guangzhou Tianhe wisdom of ecological construction in the area have a covers an area of 6.5 mu of product research and development base, r&d engineers mainly comes from the Beijing university of aeronautics and astronautics, Hunan university, south China university of technology, Nanchang aviation university, Guangzhou university and other well-known colleges and universities, accounting for 40% of the total, is a professional high-tech product research and development institutions.

Company development history

  • 01.|2007

    Guangzhou Chengzhi Digital Technology Co., LTD was established

    Main international well-known digital technology products

  • 02.|2013

    Create intelligent machine design service project, open the road of intelligent machine research and development

  • 03.|2014

    Launch the "Target Robot" project

    Formally join the ranks of social "security", and Guangzhou Tianhe public Security to become a long-term partner

  • 04.|2015

    Become the well-known and excellent agent of DJI Innovation in South China

    Provide consultation, display, sales and technical support for the whole line of DJI products

  • 05.|2016

    Guangzhou Chengzhi Intelligent Machinery Technology Co., LTD

    Focus on UAV robot and other products agent sales, system integration, independent research and development. The research and development of "amphibious patrol robot" opens a new milestone of cooperation with the power supply bureau. ISO 9001 quality Management System Certification;ISO 14001 Environmental management System certification

  • 06.|2017

    Explore the application of UAV industry, create a new bright spot in the field of lighting

    The movable matrix lighting lamp and Gimbal search light based on UAV can get good lighting effect in the scene application. Strengthen the cooperation with Tianhe Public Security Bureau on the project of "multi-functional air drop box based on UAV" research and development. Through the software enterprise authentication, obtains many software product copyright

  • 07.|2018

    The headquarters of the company moved to the northern ecological zone of Smart City, Tianhe District

    Based on the exploration of PSDK, the digital voice broadcasting system of UAV was successfully innovated. The research and development of "UAV laser ranging system" will further deepen the cooperation with Maoming Power Supply Bureau. The research and development of " UAV infrared night Vision lighting system" provides convenience for police to catch at night. Obtained a number of national patent certificates, such as "uav special infrared supplementary light lamp and near infrared camera", "UAV image processing system and Its Method based on augmented reality technology"

Corporate culture

  • Be pragmatic and enterprising

    After 10 years of growth, CZZN has made many self-reforms from the initial sales enterprise, and finally successfully transformed into a scientific and technological innovation enterprise with the capability of production, education and research, and ranked among the forefront of the industry. Looking back to the development of intelligence, pragmatic and enterprising has been deeply into the core culture of the corporate spinal cord.

  • Innovate and create intelligently

    As an enterprise with independent innovation ability, CZZN adheres to the enterprise spirit of independent research and development and self-innovation. Inspired by the "Made in China 2025" strategy, CZZN takes innovative and intelligent manufacturing as the spiritual culture for the enterprise to grow and flourish. In the enterprise to establish a number of groups of innovation team, through internal competition, innovation products, improve the enterprise's intellectual ability.

  • Maker concept

    Unwilling to ordinary, will eventually have a piece of their own heaven and earth. In today's changing times, we, who embrace technology, innovate ourselves and make breakthroughs, are constantly making the impossible possible. This is the maker of the new era.