About CZI

czi is committed to building the world's most valuable drone mission payload brand with the boldness of “see the future and change the world”. Headquartered in Yinhu Creative Park, Longdong Street, Tianhe District, covering an area of about 6,000 square meters, it integrates research, development, production and sales of drone mission load products.

Brand Meaning

czi has launched a brand new trademark czi to enter the international market. czi is shorted from the English name “cheng zhi intelligence”, has better corporate recognition performance. The trademark of czi is presented in minuscule, which is more friendly. Its graphic design takes the train shape of CRH China High Speed Railway for reference, which is very dynamic, symbolizing the aggressive spirit of the enterprise, and reflecting czi’s attributes of Chinese technology brand. czi is committed to developing application products in the drone industry which is the world’s leading area with the spirit of “created in China”, and creating an outstanding Chinese technology brand.

Social responsibility

Our company has been acting to develop products for public security. We have cooperated with law enforcement and formed an emergency rescue team to develop special drone equipment and actively participated in the search and rescue mission, forest fire extinguishing, etc. We also build a science museum for our drone emergency rescue team and popularize the scientific knowledge of drones and their payloads and how they are being used in emergency rescue work of public security, firefighting, and other departments for primary and secondary school students.

In 2020, we volunteered to send several drone teams to assist governments in various regions to carry out epidemic prevention and broadcasting work, which achieved good results, and organized supplies from overseas to donate epidemic prevention materials to many places in Guangdong and Hubei province.

In 2021, the Chengzhi emergency rescue team participated in the 720 Henan province flooding rescue mission. Our team fought for 9 consecutive days and provided strong support for the rescue work.

In 2022, when the MU5735 aircraft flight accident of China Eastern Airlines occurred, the Chengzhi emergency rescue team was the first social emergency rescue force to arrive at the core of the area, providing drone mapping, filming, emergency lighting, and other services for the rescue work.

Company development history

  • 01. | 2015

    Become a DJI China Tier 1 Distributor
    · Sales agent for all series of DJI products

  • 02. | 2016

    Begin to R&D
    · Cooperated with local law enforcement to develop intelligent robot target machine and won national invention patent.

  • 03. | 2017

    Create the brand Chengzhi
    · Developed product ML105 UAV Matrix Illuminator
    · Amphibious patrol robot developed in cooperation with Guangzhou Power Supply Bureau of National Power Grid

  • 04. | 2018

    Produce First digital voice broadcasting system for UAVs
    · World's first digital voice broadcasting system for UAV based on DJI PSDK
    · Development of a laser ranging system for UAV
    · National High-tech Enterprise
    · Guangdong Provincial good credit and trustworthy enterprise
    · 2018 China Shenzhen Emergency Industry
    · Forum & Expo Creative Design Award
    · DJI Industry Applications 2018 "Outstanding
    · Contribution to Solutions Award"

  • 05. | 2019

    Extending the R&D area
    · Developed ML110 UAV Matrix Illuminator
    · Developed MP130 UAV Digital Voice Broadcasting System
    · Guangdong Provincial trustworthy enterprise
    · AAA grade credit enterprise
    · ISO management system certification
    · High-tech products award in Guangdong Province
    · Excellent Innovative Product Award of the 21st China Hi-Tech Fair
    · Silver Prize of the Entrepreneurship Award of the 23rd National Invention Exhibition

  • 06. | 2020

    Improve the development of the entire product lines and establish a global sales network system
    · Launch of the GL60 UAV gimbal searchlight
    · Launch of the GL60 ZOOM UAV gimbal searchlight
    · Launch of the GL300 High Power UAV gimbal searchlight
    · Launch of the IR10 infrared zoom spotlight
    · Launch the ML150 Matrix Illuminator
    · Launch the TH4 four stages drop kit

  • 07. | 2021

    New headquarter established
    · Launch of the brand trademark czi to enter the international market
    · Establishment of the Guangzhou Tianhe District drone emergency rescue center
    · Launch of the MP140 Digital Voice Broadcasting System
    · Launch of the ES Series Launcher
    · Launch of the GL60 Plus Gimbal Searchlight
    · Launch of the TK300 Tether Power Supply System

  • 08. | 2022

    Rapid Development
    · Launch of LP12 Searchlight and Broadcasting System
    · Launch of FT10 drone flamethrower

Corporate culture

  • Be pragmatic and enterprising

    After 10 years of growth, CZZN has made many self-reforms from the initial sales enterprise, and finally successfully transformed into a scientific and technological innovation enterprise with the capability of production, education and research, and ranked among the forefront of the industry. Looking back to the development of intelligence, pragmatic and enterprising has been deeply into the core culture of the corporate spinal cord.

  • Innovate and create intelligently

    As an enterprise with independent innovation ability, CZZN adheres to the enterprise spirit of independent research and development and self-innovation. Inspired by the "Made in China 2025" strategy, CZZN takes innovative and intelligent manufacturing as the spiritual culture for the enterprise to grow and flourish. In the enterprise to establish a number of groups of innovation team, through internal competition, innovation products, improve the enterprise's intellectual ability.

  • Maker concept

    Unwilling to ordinary, will eventually have a piece of their own heaven and earth. In today's changing times, we, who embrace technology, innovate ourselves and make breakthroughs, are constantly making the impossible possible. This is the maker of the new era.